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We remember, but you haven't told us which of the (5) QSilver causes you've ruled out, so we've started from scratch.

When fan runs w/engine off, does it seem to be at max speed?
Why did you replace the fan the first time? Same issue?

Need to determine if DME is commadning fan to run or if fan controller has shorted/failed causing fan to run. Rad outlet temp sensor and AC high side pressure sensor control fan via DME, but usually not with ignition switch off....unless there is another problem keeping DME powered. You can disconnect AC sensor to rule this out

Edjack's test will determine if fan is OK or not, but wiring is tough to reach. It might be simpler to disconnect the control wire from DME to fan to rule out DME as cause.

Originally Posted by vanceBMW View Post
Unplugged the sensor (lower radiator hose) once before while the fan was running and the fan continued to run. Remember guys, in my first post, the damn fan was found running one morning parked in the garage after being parked the night before. And then it shut off by itself.
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