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Originally Posted by Evlengr View Post
Why does everyone think it's acceptable to change your driving behavior on a $50k + vehicle for it to work right, or put it in sport mode to compensate for lack of proper response. Plus, the tranny is supposed to adapt to you, not the other way around. The ZF is a much better transmission to boot. Boggles my mind on this behavior every time I read someone suggesting to adapt to the vehicle.
I hear you, but every vehicle has its own character, and everyone adapts to the vehicle they're driving, whether they know it or not. With the X3, you're not forced to drive in a completely different way, just slightly different - at worst it's kind of 'heavier' pedal feel; you'll adapt without thinking, and the car does adapt to you too. The heavier feel is more becoming of a car with a lot of power and torque. Some people, however, have a hard time with this concept, especially if they're often switching between vehicles.

Proper throttle response means different things to different people. By default the X3 is balanced more for economy over aggression. If you prefer a more aggressive feel, as I do, choose DHP, and its more immediate throttle response in Sport+ and/or Sport mode. Having the ability to select the throttle response, tighten the steering and firm up the suspension to suit your mood or driving style is key.

If you need a manual SUV, unfortunately there aren't many choices in the USA. Since you are looking for connectedness, control, and engagement, in my opinion the X3 35i with DHP is still your best bet in its class. It drives like a true BMW, despite all the technology. I'm a purist too and wouldn't dream of owning a sports car without a manual, but I'll accept that a sporty, modern, practical SUV doesn't need to have the same connectedness and handling of a little sports car - I'll get a little sports car for that. It's still the best in class in that respect (it also handles quite well for a tall, 4222lb vehicle). Shift paddles aside, the tranny is smart enough, and the engine torquey enough, to keep the engine at peak RPMs in fully automatic mode so shifting isn't really necessary. It's also much better to drive a good auto in stop and go traffic, which happens all too often around here.

Have you driven an F25 35i with DHP?
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