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Originally Posted by WJGreer View Post
What options do you add to an F30 that change the quality of the interior materials?
You're kidding, right? The base F30 interior looks terrible (particularly in beige with the black dash.....just awful).

-First off, the aluminum that's on the base model F30 isn't even real's some kind of composite plastic junk. To me, this crappy plastic trim is a major downgrade from the wood trim on the E90. So either you spend $500 for the wood trim, or you buy one of the "lines" for a few grand.

-I don't mind that BMW's don't have leather standard, but at the prices they're asking, it's a little absurd that they don't. If Audi can do it in the A4, I don't understand why it's so hard for BMW to offer leather standard.

Originally Posted by MMME30W View Post

NO thanks.

I'm not 70.
Well, that's your loss, and a very dated viewpoint (would've been true 4-5 years ago). I love BMW's, but I'm not so jaded to think that Cadillac/Infiniti/etc. can make a car just as good. Besides, it's good that companies like Caddy are stepping up to the plate and taking on the 3 makes BMW work that much harder to produce a great sports sedan.

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