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Originally Posted by Sportsdad View Post
I was wrong, Tate fined $21,000. He's appealed the decision.
Not only was the victim of his hit facing him, but Tate's arm, shoulder and helmet all arrived at the same time since he was running FORWARD into Lee. This is a legal crack back block by definition.

Typically you see this type of block when a wide receiver goes in motion back toward the offense and a sweep is run to his side. The block is legal if he hits the defense from the front and above the waist.

Nice of you to admit being wrong.

There's no chance he gets anywhere with the appeal. Although in the final state his "arm, shoulder and helmet" were all together at the same spot, you can see that he clearly moved his head up right before the hit, thus effectively hitting with his helmet first.

Plus, the definition of a legal block it a general one. All cases are judged individually, and in this situation, the roughness of the block is not justified, let's face it, noone likes crackback hits - they always take that into account, too.
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