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Originally Posted by tim330i View Post
2012 Cadillac ATS 0-60 times match BMW

The 2013 Cadillac ATS is the hot new sports sedan that GM has specifically stated will be a BMW killer. The ATS and it's flat out challenge to the BMW has been meet with excitement and skepticism. The big brother to the ATS, the CTS-V has been stacked up against the BMW M5 (Road & Track M5 vs CTS-V) on more then one occasion.

The first production Cadillac ATS are out and we're getting performance figures that should put all the arguing to an end, or start up a new round of heated discussion between Cadillac and BMW enthusiasts.

The two engine variants that closely match BMW's N20 turbo 4 cylinder and N55 turbo 6 cylinder the Cadillac matches or beats the F30 3 Series. Would you consider trading in your bimmer for a caddy?

Thanks to Motorauthority for the information.
0-60 is the most useless statistic ever. What would be useful is 40-80. THAT would be good to know.
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