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Originally Posted by WestCDA View Post
I give mine a thorough cleaning inside and out, fill the fuel tank, do an oil change, connect a smart charger (CTEK) to the remote battery terminals under the hood, and put on a car cover. I don't put in fuel stabilizer, lift the car on stands, or isolate/insulate the tires - it's a few months storage, not a few years. Now is the time for an oil change, so you don't have contaminated/acidic oil stewing in your crankcase over the winter.

In the spring, I check/adjust the tire pressure, start it up and go driving. It's basically the same routine I've used with motorcycles for the past couple of decades - no problems so far. Hope you have a few more weeks of pleasurable driving before the snow flies ...
That is pretty much what I have done.... Plus i live in the cold cold dark, windy praries. so cold! LOL

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