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I store my Z outside under a snow roof.
Last year I used Star Tron Enzyeme Fuel Treatment.
My brother recommended it to me, he has been using it for years in his boat, snowmobiles etc.
I remove the battery, and store it in the basement. I charge it for a few days every month.
I take the stress off the springs by jacking up the car a little, but not off the ground. I also overpressure the tires.
Last year, I replaced the battery, started her up. She started on the first crank, then entered the Radio Code, (Make sure you have this).
While she was idling, I took her off the jack stands, equalized the pressure on all tires and took her for a spin.
Oh Yes.... I also change the oil just prior to storing her for the winter.
I only do about 5,000 kilometers during the summer, so the oil change is not needed, but oil collects acids during driving, so the oil change is a good preventative measure.
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