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Originally Posted by Kilgore Trout View Post
I am surprised there isn't more criticism of the F30 interior. The e90 is pretty far from the class leaders in that regard, but the F30 just feels cheap.

On the flip side, BMW still does seating better than any other make.
I have criticised the F30 interior in the F30 forum since introduction, it is just that the F30 owners in this forum do not like that criticism...

The F30 interior is a slightly redone F20 (new 1-Series) interior. That's a fact. The materials are slightly more upscale than the F20. The layout is almost the same. BMW simply positioned the 1-Series as a slightly cheaper 3-Series interior-wise, not as before as it positioned the 3-Series as a cheaper 5-Series interior-wise. So the F30 is in this limbo of interior looks and quality that does not make any sense to me in the price bracket that it is positioned.

Which it is the root of the problem that I have with this: that will be the new 4-Series, the M3 and the M4 interior as well. A damn F20 interior glorified for a much premium duty. WTF?

The 4-Series will be a $40-$60,000 car; the M3 and M4 will be in the $60-$80,000+ range. This is no $80,000 interior, no matter how much leather is tacked on to make it look and feel decent.
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