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Originally Posted by boltjaM3s View Post

That's ridiculous.

The F30 interior is vastly superior to the E93 and E90 interiors I'd owned prior. There's nothing cheap about it and it actually looks exciting and interesting. The E9X interior is bland as hell.

BJ, these tasteless yahoos can howl at the moon all they want. The fact of the matter is the design of the F30 interior and dashboard and the materials are first rate!

Originally Posted by DSXMachina View Post
BJ, you might want to moonlight for the studio which shoots BMW interiors for their ads. Your interior shots actually have me liking the 'look', mostly. Your naturally lit exposures are as good as they get with tens of thousands of dollars of lighting. Agreed, the fit and finish quality looks very high in your photos.
There are a few quirky things I have trouble with, or at least my eye has trouble with. The single buttress from the console up to the dash is an unusual styling element. The 'drop-off' on the right side of the dash isn't pleasing to my sense of balance. And as has been mentioned in this thread, for what you paid for the car the Nav screen looks stuck on as an afterthought. Far less expensive cars have them built into or retract into the dashboard.
None of these unusual elements would result in me not buying one if I were in the market. I'm just nitpicking.
Originally Posted by captainaudio View Post
I'm not crazy about the iDrive screen on the F30 - not terrible but not as well integrated into the rest of the interior as I would like it to be, but other than that I don't mind the interior styling at all. I can't comment on the quality of materials or the fit and finish as I have never even sat in an F30 let alone ridden in or driven one.

Originally Posted by dtc100 View Post
Two things about the interior I didn't like, the screen looked an afterthought, the shifter was designed for someone who likes to sit there and admire, rather drive the damn thing.

I know the shifter is handed down from 5, 7 series. Still don't like it in the 3. The 3 should not be a 5, minus a few inches.
The"single buttress" is a design element right out of the 5er and the new stunningly gorgeous 6er. The iDrive screen, that whole dash design language, is straight out of the 6er, one of the most outstandingly beautiful designs BMW has ever penned.

The design and location of the iDrive screen makes perfect sense and is the exact opposite of an afterthought. It is purposefully and carefully designed to be exactly where it is. It is now a feature that will be used every single time you are in the car, as is true with virtually every new car on the market today, and it is positioned so that it is perfectly in the driver's sight with a quick, easy glance. What makes no sense is a screen that deploys and retracts every time the car is turned on and off. An after thought is exactly what I think of when I see the retracting screens in the A6 and A8. It's as if when they finished the dash design they suddenly realized, "oh, we need a screen. Oh well, since we didn't design a place for one we'll just stick it here and make it open and retract"......every frikken time the car is started and turned off.

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