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Originally Posted by DSXMachina View Post
BJ, you might want to moonlight for the studio which shoots BMW interiors for their ads. Your interior shots actually have me liking the 'look', mostly. Your naturally lit exposures are as good as they get with tens of thousands of dollars of lighting. Agreed, the fit and finish quality looks very high in your photos.
There are a few quirky things I have trouble with, or at least my eye has trouble with. The single buttress from the console up to the dash is an unusual styling element. The 'drop-off' on the right side of the dash isn't pleasing to my sense of balance. And as has been mentioned in this thread, for what you paid for the car the Nav screen looks stuck on as an afterthought. Far less expensive cars have them built into or retract into the dashboard.
None of these unusual elements would result in me not buying one if I were in the market. I'm just nitpicking.
He's alive!

Thanks for the kind words on my photography and the car. I think the new interior is the most important part of the F30, it's really driver-oriented and fresh looking. Some thoughts:

Buttress Console: doesn't really bother me as it 'contains' the dash, pulls it over towards the driver. Importantly, it's a comfortable and necessary place for a passenger to rest his leg against.

Swoopy Dash: it's different but the way the wood and vinyl integrate and flow looks rich.

iDrive Screen: it's not unfinished and stuck-on, it's perfectly placed and perfectly sized. I applaud BMW for not shrouding it in a cave (F10) or making it retractable. You use it constantly, can't have delays waiting for it to pop up as you start the engine. Because of the breathing room around it it doesn't feel heavy or in the way. It just works.

Material: the hard plastic is gone, replaced by a softer and more pliable substance. Noire worries about your shoes scratching the door panels, no more bruised knees leaning against the console.

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