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318iS euro coupe

Hi Guys!

just picked up an E36 318iS M44 Motorsport (but alas Auto). The engine has a big ? over it at the moment, I got it as is and was told it overheated and potential headgasket failure. That stuff is all piece of cake to me. I do however need to faceup to learning about playing with OBD2 and later BMs though. My experience thus far is an M52B28 which i put into my E30, but ultimately ended up converting back to OBD1 we all know and love, mainly for EWS reasons.


turn key and all the lights on the dash come up like normal. turn key to start and engine clicks and then nothing. it can do it a few times, sometimes 2 sometimes 4 etc, but then eventually will not show any life at all until you disconnect the battery even for a moment, and then reconnect it and so the process continues.

The engine is not 100% assembled yet, but the basics are there, i just want to check the compression without manually winding the car over at this stage. has no MAF or radiator thermostat etc connected, is basically the block head intake etc. am i going to have to assemble the whole thing?

in a way i feel silly asking, but if this was an OBD1 car i know for a fact it would still crank etc.

thanks team

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