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BMW e65 750i Valve Stem Oil Leak Issue

Hi All,

I wonder if you could help please.

I have a 2005 UK BMW E65 750i with the N62B48 engine. It has what I have been advised as a valve stem oil seal leak on one of the banks. It's been an issue for almost 2 years now, burning oil while idle (causing it to blow out smoke when driving off after sitting in traffic etc).

I have had the CCV valve replaced on both banks as good measure - it was in fact torn.

Unfortunately the smoking is getting rather bad, with it going through around 2-3 litres of oil a month now (I do on average 1000 miles a month) and its very embarrassing to cause "smoke bombs" when pulling away.

I am in the UK and finding it extremely difficult to find anyone who can help. I have been to independent engine specialists, and none of them have the right tools, or say its too complex a job to change the valve stem oil seals. I have been to loads of independent garages in hope they could recommend someone, and everyone they do cannot help.

I am loathed to go to BMW direct for this, as I am sure it would cost in the thousands of pounds to get fixed, and no doubt they will make this overly expensive by saying things like the engine must come out etc etc.

Could anyone help recommend someone in the UK who can complete replacing the valve stem oil seals on both banks, for both intake and exhaust?

Thank you! Richard
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