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Originally Posted by Bemo View Post
I've driven the F30 as a loaner. My humble thoughts based on having spent a day with the car, which is obviously FAR from what is needed to assess the vehicle:

1. Exterior styling - I love it in person MINUS the bland hood and its horizontal line running across. What were they thinking on this one, our GT has this too and it has to be one of the ugliest features of this new look.
2. Interior styling - I love it but cannot tell how practical it will be in the long-run. Also could not determine how anti-glare the new NAV screen really is, since it is no longer recessed.
3. Seats - this is where i disagree with the vast majority here. Those seats are HARD as heck, one thing I hate about the E90. You have no idea how bad...if only I could rip out the GT seats and throw them in the E90.
4. Vehicle dynamics - all felt like a true BMW.
5. EPS - it is about as lifeless as it can be. Needless to say, the wife loved it and this kind of steering will appeal to the a well-calculated, shrewd move for BMW, from a financial standpoint, as more cars will be sold, but I hate the damned thing. Period.
6. ASS - Need we say more, the fact that a recent decison was made allowing dealers to disable this speaks for itself. Really, the update is to allow your last setting to endure for eternity, meaning you turn this off once and you never have to disable it again. Sign me up.

Oh yeah, no WAY would I buy an F30. The 328 is only 2 years old and I have a good friend, who is a mechanic at a local BMW dealership, that will be maintaining the car on the side, with me getting my hands dirty along the way.

I hope all of you are doing well. Bemo out!
That is the thing about seats - what works for one person might not work at all for another.

The F30 seats just fit my body.

I love the E90 seats too but it took longer to adjust to them.
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