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Originally Posted by Z4luvr View Post
When you are out in the sun all day and its 95 degrees, it's hard to be a baller. At least I stayed for the whole game unlike 95% of the fans. Luckily I cut myself off after 5 beers in the pre-game. Frogs were sleepwalking the whole game again, but they are 3-0, so its hard to complain. Ticked that they gave up their first TD of the year in garbage time.
Originally Posted by NASA43 View Post
Yep, I adjust my pregame drinking depending on game temp too. Gotta be smart. Hot, midday games means drinking more water and a little less beer.

It was 60 degrees at Kick-Off last night.. Overcast w/ scattered / drizzles of rain

Sep 23
Today's High was 73F at 1:25pm when conditions were Partly Cloudy Lows tonight at 45F



At this rate.. maybe I'll buy that beer I owe you in Miami Aye NASA43??!! (Humm.. was it you or AJAX.. that sent me the ScubaPro Fins..)

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