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Originally Posted by Jen4BMW View Post
The start/stop reprogramming works perfectly gang! I got my remapped X3 back on Saturday and it successfully remembered the way I had the start/stop configured every time. Good job BMW!
Now we can opt to use start/stop to save a little gas when feeling thrifty and disable start/stop when it's starting to annoy and not deal with pushing a button every time at start.
The dealer also told me that with this reprogramming the computer is set back to "transport mode" so they need to both do their initiation stuff over again which also means the computer has to re-learn driving habits. The mechanic said I should beat the tar out of the thing 100% in Sport mode for the next couple of tanks of gas and even told me to use the paddles to cycle it thru gears off and on so the software ignition maps itself for optimum performance. I didn't baby my car during break in but I didn't use sport mode either so hopefully some extra performance will be found too!

Jen, take this opportunity to let the engine do some braking. This helps settle the rings correctly and will reduce oil consumption later down the road. This means after the engine is warmed up and oil moving through nicely do a couple (WOT) wide open throttle when using the paddles, never from a complete stop. So for example: when driving about 15-20 mph using the paddles shift into 3'rd gear. Accelerate very hard until it nears the red line on tach, then let the off the gas and let the engine slow the sav down. Do this approx 2-3 times a day (no more) for about 200-300 miles. This will help the rings expand and contract properly to pistons and engine block.
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