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Originally Posted by jonesmclean View Post
Like you, I see no big deal with the amount of extension on the exhaust. I never compared it with "garden variety" 1's and my only other point of reference is my wife's 328xi. As for a discernible drone at certain rpms, of course the exhaust note changes over the range of rpm (I've been careful not to exceed 4500 until I have 1200 miles on the engine - trying to behave myself) but no particular "droning" noise. Honestly, the exhaust sound was one of the unexpected pleasant surprises for me when I drove this car. [Maybe at 57 years, I'm just getting old.] I love to slowly accelerate through each gear listening to that exhaust.
The stock exhaust on the N54 1 series M Coupe has a very discernible drone at about 2200 - 2500 rpm when you are cruising between that range under load. The easy fix is to stab the throttle or grab for another gear to escape that rut.

In earlier N55 equipped cars with the PE it seems to appear when the car is easy cruising between 1800 and 2300 rpm with the engine slightly lugging within this rpm level.

Of course, you also have the Performance Kit so maybe the engineers tweaked the combo to dial out or reduce any resonance from the exhaust.

Regardless, another trivial annoyance easily lived with if it ever does become noticable.
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