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Originally Posted by sunny43.5 View Post
The prices you quoted here in Australia are way out of the park today , I recently replaced a whole unit that was sourced through a used car warranty claim . The cost of the whole unit is closer to $6500 plus fitting and thats around 6 hours . I have also replaced various parts in the X5 series and they are a bloody nightmare the plastic are the main problem as they become brittle with age and no amount of lubrication will slow down the inevitable failure . As I work on sunroofs every working day I see this problem more and more as the cars get older , the plastic parts just don,t stand up to the summer heat and they are out in the sun for 8 plus hours a day and they just get cooked . replacing a whole roof is fairly easy as its a whole component so you are not working with the internals . If you have to dismantle the roof to replace certain parts that BMW sell there is around a 90% chance that some other component will break while dismantling the roof , usually the parts are only held together by the fact that they are held in the tracks , remove them and you end up with lots of parts in pieces. The interconnection of the parts is a nightmare the sunshades are driven partly by nylon cord and if one part of these breaks its goodnight Irene . 42 years experience with sunroofs has taught me to treat these things with kid gloves and s&*t loads of respect .
Hello Howard,

Mate I am in Sydney and agree the plastics on my car are all cracked and need replacing before further use. A rebuild kit would be suitable could you advise where I could purchase spares. Overseas is fine dont mind the wait.
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