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trannyproblems 96 to 98 swap ?

new to the bmw world bought a 96 740il for $450 bucks that had been sitting for two years got it home started wrenching on it had to change osv on back of intake did not reuse the tork screws had to make tools to get them out "stupid" replaced water pump .belt.plastic fan blade and a side marker light loved that car, lady i got it from never had any body in the back seat super clean ,, nicest car ive ever had abs light and check engine would come and go and then a 16 year old girl pulled out in front of me and i stacked it at about 50 mph wasted!!!! so now yesterday i bought a 98 740i with a bad tranny for 800bucks thinking i could pull tranny out of 96 drop it in 98 after reading bunch of posts tryed to trouble shoot the 98 by checking codes with obd2 got po600 and cant remember the other one it was something with engine temp sensor temp gauge pegs to red at start up the shifter will not click into 2nd and the inst cluster gear selctor, lights up for about 2 seconds goes out and nothing no light comes on for gear selection no manuael and sport light nothing trans failsafe program in cluster so i checked all fuses replacing battery with a new one.swapping the tcm along with the modgle that was next to it white plastic one both behind glove box, changed trans filter and fluid and the computer under hood only one computer under hood would fit the 98 from the 96 diffrent plugs dissasembled the switch on side of tranny cleaned all contacts had to drill out factor rivets ond screw back together then tryed it again got abs light on from the 96 now, still got trans failsafe mode now not program got car on lift can get tires spinning around 2000rpm couldnt do that before ....just frustrated what now the two cars have diffrent trannys will the enter change what about that diffrent harrness plug under hood on 96 is the tranny bad or did the cigeriett lighter set some thing off actually read fourm about liter screwing up the tranny i think bmw should fire all the electrical eng. over there cause it seems like there alot of electrical issues ...please help thank you
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