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Originally Posted by Ultimate7 View Post

Thanks for getting in touch.

The vibration is felt through the seat and a little through the steering wheel. It's generally worse around 55 moh and the frequency increases with speed. This gives the sense that it improves with speed!

I wnt this morning to have the tyre pressures checked as I had fitted new tyres. I found they were all set at 2.2 bar, I've had the rears set at 2.5 and this seems to have had a positive effect although the vibes are still there.

Next week I am visiting a garage with a rolling road so I can identify where the problem lies and visually check whilst running the car.

I will report my findings
Originally Posted by bayerisheteknik View Post
still having issue...went down from 37.5 PSI to 35 PSI on fronts while still having 41 PSI on rears and now vibration in steering wheel is not as bad as used to be but still present...before it started around 45mph now starts at 53mph

should i lower the PSI on front to less then 35 with tire size 245/40/20???

last chance is to have them balanced with computerized machine and see if that is going to help...

all bushings on front end and all components are like new
Vibration in your seat predominantly means that it's the rear tires that are at at fault; and the slight vibration at the steering wheel means that there is a little bit of the front as well.

Now that we know the rear tires are the BIG issue, lets start with some things. First of all what rims are on the car? Are they BMW? What size are they?

Next the tires, What tires do you have and what size are they? The tires can be a HUGE issue! Where were they installed and how were they balanced? I suggest a tire place use a Road Force Balancer which warms up the tire and applies a load to it as they are much more accurate.

Third, do you have any sort of spacers, adapters or foreign objects between the wheel and the hub of the car?

Fourth, What is the condition and torque on the rear lug bolts? If improperly torqued or if damaged, the lugs cannot do their job properly!

Fifth, how are the bushings on the rear suspension?
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