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Originally Posted by RajG View Post
After a chat with Dinan, they recommended that I install the Stage 3 software - which I went ahead and did the same day I initially thought I would only benefit from the software upgrade if I had the Dinan exhaust, but they explained that the upgrade would benefit all cars with better airflow including mine which doesn't have any mufflers. With the Stage 3 software in place, I decided to hit the track again to compare how my car did with my Stage 2 run last month . . .

Compared to the Stage 2 software, I definitely noticed improvements. I consistently hit 110+MPH which was something I was having trouble doing before. The results from my 1st run last month and my most recent run are below. Overall, my times are still weaker than other people that have hit the track with Stage 2/3 which I'm thinking is primarily related to my troubles getting off the line when the light turns green What'd you guys think?

my buddy has a 550i x drive stock with 400 miles i used launch control in his 550i and it felt way way faster then my 550i but what im getting to i ran a 12'900 5500 Miles bone stock my friends 550i x feels way way faster to me cause its awd system with the launch control if you have dinan stage III with a muffler delete you should be atleast a 12'500
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