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Originally Posted by Sportsdad View Post
I'm going to repeat what EVERYONE told the Seahawks fans back in 2006 when bad calls went OUR way in a game that actually MEANT something, where the REAL officials totally blew SB40th and even ADMITTED that they blew that game..and here it is...-->

Get over it. Bad calls happen. Quit yer goddamn whining and move on. It's over. We won. Bad calls happen with replacement refs, with real refs.

If your team gave up 8 sacks you have MUCH bigger issues than a badly reffed game.
You cant be serious?
The Seahawks didn't win anything. Yeah they gave up 8 sacks, in the first half. Did you watch the 2nd half? The half where up until a bunch of scabs threw it away your Seahawks did absolutely nothing? Did you actually see the replays? The ones that left absolutely 0, none, no-possible-way-in-hell that it could be construed as being a TD? The one that literally one person in the entire world didn't see clearly? Yeah, the refs stole the game and gave it to the losing team.

The issue isn't even just about the Packers, its about the fact that a bunch of refs are going unpunished for possibly making the worst call in NFL officiating history last night, after spending a week potentially ruining the outcome of multiple games.

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