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When I was at a parking lot with a black X3, at first glance I thought the X1 is about the same size. But after parking next to the X3, the X1 is quite a bit smaller. It was a big difference, so I agree with all others here that the X1 is a stationwagon/hatchback. My X1 has about 6 inches MORE ground clearance than my 535i xDrive. I needed more ground clearance for my wife, so the X1 is just perfect for us.

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It's not that manufacturers have to charge more for a lifted version, but rather that they can charge more. Crossovers and SUV's have a greater perceived value than wagons and hatches. It's no coincidence that other manufacturers have followed the Subaru Outback formula for greater profits. The new allroad costs about $3k more than the Avant wagon on which it's based. The traditional wagon is nearly dead in the US, and it's no secret why that is.
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