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Originally Posted by E36toF30 View Post
For Minnesota I would recommend the Bridgestone Blizzak WS70. This is the newest Blizzak studless ice and snow tire, and is great for driving on snow and ice. Wheels are kind of a matter of preference. I would recommend you go to and see what they have that will fit your X3:

- When you get to the site, put in your vehicle (year, model, M sport package, etc.)
- Hit the "Winter" button below that.
- Hit the link that says "18" Packages".
- Select the Blizzak WS 70 for the tires
- It will then present you with a list of wheels that will fit. Just find some on there that you like.

Also, it says you can add tire pressure monitor sensors and have them installed (plus have the tires mounted and balanced) for an additional $211, which you'll probably want to do. Otherwise, the iDrive will complain that it can't find the sensors and there will probably be a light lit on the dash all the time.
+1 Spot on.
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