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Originally Posted by N62B44 SGM View Post
Congrats Db! Everything looks beautiful & make sure you enjoy every last bit of it.

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Thank you my friend. That is one thing I am trying to do is take everything slow and just appreciate the beauty of everything.

Originally Posted by DFEL750I View Post
Im honoured that you would name your man servant after me. True Story.... I was on the train on my way in to work today...I try to take the train to the office when I dont have appointments because I hate being stuck in traffic.... Toronto has the worst traffic in North America I think..... oh where was I

Since I took the train I had time to read the newspaper opened it up and there was a little section with cruises etc. First one I looked at was a cruise with the first stop being St. Thomas... right there I thought about how it sucked that I was on my way to work while you were enjoying beautiful weather and your beautiful wife in St. lucky bastard. Look at the pic below from the newspaper article... for some reason photobucket wont rotate the pic right...oh well

Haha that's crazy! I am definately not looking forward to going back to work on Monday.

Originally Posted by 7Fif View Post
Thank you sir!
Originally Posted by Rookie2008 View Post
Damn I been missing out on everything lately. Congratulation David. Your wife looks absolutely stunning. What a beautiful place to be with your true love. I wish you guys the best an many many years to come. Enjoy your honey moon an we will c ya when you get back. P.S I didn't see you or your man servant in the pic.
Thank you Rookie. . I will post up a few more wedding pictures when the photographer sends them to me. Sadly the manservant was not invited to the wedding. He still hasn't been able to repair the gaping hole in the drywall of my garage that I made when I crashed my 750 into it so for the time being he is on 24 hour drywall duty.

Originally Posted by TXSTYLE View Post
Mucho Felicidades!!!

We just celebrated our 12th Anniversary! Married on Sep 23rd 2000!

Blessings to you and your wife.

Any kiddos planned...

~ Big Marcus
Thank you Marcus and congratulations to you and your beautiful wife. No plans for kids right now, bit we are literally the last of our friends without kids so I'm sure that it will happen in the next 3-4 years.

Originally Posted by DULLAH View Post
I'm jealous.
Infinite blessings upon you two.

The older I get the more I want to just stop juggling and truly find and commit to the girl I know I would never ever regret getting married to. My excessive requirements (especially 5'11" height) may have to be thrown aside, methinks.

Congrats on keeping your virginity til marriage too. That sh!t is really awesome, whether you're devout or not. Props.

ENJOY YOUR HONEYMOON !!!!!!! (and don't drink too much!)
Thank you my friend. The virginity thing was a joke. Hope I haven't let you guys down.

Originally Posted by bluffrides View Post
Congrats with everything and may god bless u and wifey!!!

I'm from the Virgin Islands myself(St.CRoix to be exact) and i know you guys are gonna have a blast..

Speaking of Sex, enjoy the beaches..(hint hint).lol
Man that is awesome. We are planning to go to St John tomorrow. Probably won't make it to St Croix.

And yes...the beaches...that happened the first night.

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