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As you stated above, wanting to upgrade the exhaust, you can get around 30-40HP for a LOT of money spent. Supersprint or BMW CSL headers will cost anywhere from $800 (a great deal used if you can find it) up to $2200 for new. That's just for the header, let alone for the tune ($400-$800) you will/might need to get rid of the CEL light that normally comes with headers. This is because the Cats are integrated into the stock header. New performance headers don't have Cats. Then you have the cost for a new X-pipe ($500-$800) and mufflers ($800-$1500+).
The pro's for a new exhaust is it gives you a bump in HP and sound great. The con's are it is a very expensive upgrade. This is up to you. There are a LOT of threads on the three US Z4 internet forums (this forum, Bimmerpost and Zpost) on this subject. Do some searching on all three to see if you want to go this route.

You can add tires, lighter wheels, coilovers, anti-roll bars, upgraded brakes, new suspension bushings, new differential, supercharger.

Some non-performance things you can do that make driveability better are:
CDV (Clutch Delay Valve) delete
Short shift kits
Get rid of those OEM stones (tires)

IMHO, the first, best bang for your buck is ongoing driver training, eg HPDE's, driver schools at the track etc.. I do not know what your experience level is and I am not trying to put you down in any way, but if you have never gone to the track or AutoX's then you will not be able to push your car to it's limits in a controlled/safe manner or even know where those limits are. If you start to throw performance parts at the car before you really know how the car will respond to these changes, you really don't know if you did any good and you will not get that much added benefit of them. I'm not taking about exhaust options here.

When I first started out, I was like you, wanting to buy and install a lot of performance parts on the car. My buddy and the guy who convinced me to start going to the track, sat me down and explained all this. It burst my bubble since I did not know any better. Every one of my instructors told me the same thing. Now years later, I find that this was the best advice I had ever received. It saved me a LOT of money (saved for more track time) and I got BETTER as a driver. After three years of ///M ownership, I am just now starting to do the performance upgrades.

Now with all that said, at the end of the day, just remember: It's YOUR car and you should do anything you want to it, not caring what anyone else says.....
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