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New Battery or Battery Tender?

I have a 2010 X3. Recently I've been having problems with the battery. At first it wouldn't start in cold weather. Now it won't start sometimes in warm weather.

I typically drive it two or three times a week totaling about an hour a day (1/2 hour to work 1/2 hour back without stops). I also take it on longer trips once or twice a month averaging 130 miles a day.

During the last warranty service check in May and the technician said the battery and everything else was fine. Looked at the battery and it has a 720 CCA battery.

One day I was listening to the radio for about 15 minutes and then vehicle wouldn't start. Fortunately, I was a my buddy's house and was able to charge the battery.

The most recent incident I don't have an explanation for. The battery went dead for some reason. I jumped it with my other vehicle and then charged the battery.

I don't seem to have problems when I drive the vehicle long distances. It has started fine in cold weather after its been driven a long distance. Is a characteristic of this vehicle if you have to drive it to keep the battery charged?

Last winter I put it on a battery charger as a precautionary measure so it would start in the morning. (It sometimes stays outside). I live in Minnesota so a good battery is mandatory. However, I'm not going to buy a new battery if it isn't necessary.
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