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Originally Posted by Bimmer4412 View Post
I believe this is my first post here on bimmerfest, but I have been trolling the forums here for months and have found the information here very helpful.

My frustration goes all the way back to June 16th when I ordered my 2013 335i MT. First I wasn't given a production number for 3 weeks. When I finally did get it, I was told I could not get the dynamic handling package unless I also ordered the M Sport Line. Needless to say after reading forums on here, I was pissed to find out that I could get it that way.

So weeks pass by, and finally on August 17th my car finishes production and is released to the shipping carrier in South Africa (I was finally told).

Since then, I've been talking to BMW NA, and my salesman. They keep telling me my car is one more week away, and a week goes by and nothing. Last week I was left a voicemail that my car was in and ready for pickup. When I called back, they said "OOPS, that's someone else's car"!

Today, I finally decided I've had enough (now waiting for over 3 months). I called the dealership directly and asked to speak to the sales manager. After he dug through some information and called me back, he said that my car is STILL at the port in Africa awaiting a shipping vessel!!!!

He said he can't tell me when my car is going to ship and that even when it does, the journey to the states will take about three weeks! ( I live in CT).

I am so beside myself now, and honestly I almost feel like i want to cancel my order and go to Audi!

Can someone please give me some words of advice or at least talk me off the ledge here...
Run as far away from this dealer as you can. I've had better sales experience at Honda and Toyota dealerships. Make sure u get back your deposit .... Seeing the way this a-hole has dragged u along , he might delay your deposit refund. Also make sure you let BMW NA know about your dealer experience .... That really hurts them the most ... Not to be sadistic but I really feel this is something that cannot be forgiven. I was able to place an order on the 7th aug , as promised he had an allocation number ready for me in 3 days along with the VIN, completed production on the 6th of Sept , sailed on the Toronto on the 13th and docked in NY today .... Hoping to get the car by the weekend. Bottem line it's very doable and any dealer that's dishonest deserves to be reprimanded . Start afresh collect info from dealers , look outside your regional dealers if need be, may be look for a European delivery to mitigate your loss and stress .... It'll be we'll worth it .... Good luck !
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