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Originally Posted by aznlionheart View Post
I'm looking to buy my first BMW, either a 2010 or 2011 328i, CPO. I've narrowed it down to these 2 choices (Los Angeles area), and would love to get your opinion on them:

Option 1:
Price: $26k
Year: 2010
Mileage: 20k
Warranty: 4 yr/50k warranty ends early 2014, 2 yr/50k CPO ends early 2016
Color: Monaco Blue
Options in addition to value package: leather seats, moon roof, Assist
Time on lot: a couple months

Option 2:
Price: $27k
Year: 2011
Mileage: 28k
Warranty: 4 yr/50k warranty ends mid 2015, 2 yr/50k CPO ends mid 2017; extended maintenance plan to mid 2017
Color: Grey
Options in addition to value package: leather seats, moon roof
Time on lot: just added

My main concern is to minimize cost of ownership for the next 3-4 years I'm gonna drive it, and be able to sell it at the best price. I drove both and they were pretty much identical. How much wiggle room is there in the price, and how useful is that extended maintenance plan on option 2? I've heard some say it's basically just breaks, oil/filter, which might be less than the supposed $2k price of the extended maintenance plan. If useful, what would be a fair price to negotiate for as an addition on option 1 car?

As well, I have read elsewhere CPO can be a rip off? Is it a better idea to buy used then add on an extended warranty (heard it's ~$2k, would love some pointers on this as well)? As well, is it a good idea to get a PPI? Some argue it can uncover issues even on these relatively new vehicles, others say most things are covered under the warranty.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
IMO the maintenance plan is not worth the price. If you're serious about the second car try to negotiate removing it. CPO is much more valuable as it's somewhat of a warranty extension. I say somewhat because it doesn't cover everything the standard warranty does.

As for a PPI it's never a bad thing. You're buying a > $20K car so a couple hundred bucks is well worth it. There was a thread where someone purchased a CPO car, SEL illuminated on the way home, and he subsequently learned mice had chewed through some of the wiring. Being this was not a manufacturing defect the repair wasn't covered under warranty (but eventually was covered with a lot of whining all over the place). CPO missed it. PPI could miss it too as it was in an area that wasn't obvious. I've also read other examples where CPO missed other things as well. The point being just because it's CPO doesn't mean it's flawless. CPO doesn't mean a car hasn't been in an accident so don't assume as much.

While we're on the subject of accidents don't assume a clean CarFax means the vehicle has not been involved in an accident. I have seen and read about a number of vehicles with clean CarFax's having been involved in accidents. CarFax and CPO only tell you what they know/discovered...they cannot tell you about things that may have been missed.

PPI should be done by a competent mechanic familiar with BMW's.

As to which you should choose that's a personal decision. You can always attempt to negotiate price. As you've got two similar vehicles you're considering you can play the dealers off one another if they're different. Probably less room to negotiate now on the one recently added to the lot. Don't be afraid to ask...and don't be afraid to be aggressive. But also be realistic...don't be unreasonable.


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