Thread: Z3 Roadster (E36/7) To sell or not
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Dude, let me guess she refers to it as "your little toy car" and she prob. drives an SUV.
She probably has never shown interest in driving it, and you two never go out of town alone. And if you do, she doesn't want to drive it, and as we all know it is not a comfy ride for the passenger. She probably wants to pack a ton of stuff in a huge suitcase if you go out of town....

I am pretty much describing my case. She is just refusing to let me teach her to drive a stick, because she knows if she drives it once she'll be wanting to drive it all the time!

The solution: teach her to drive a stick, go out of town alone for like a night only so she has to pack lite....and every time we go somewhere take turns driving so she learns to love it.
I KNOW IF I CAN GET MY WIFE TO DRIVE IT ONCE, JUST ONCE, SHE WILL NEVER SAY ANYTHING NEGATIVE ABOUT IT AGAIN (I know she'll love it because she has always wanted a corvette).
Now I just need to get her to drive it.
As a matter of fact, she said she didn't care when I said our 15 year old daughter was going to learn to drive in my Z4. The kid had a priceless smile.

I (we, my friends who identify with this situation) need to just make my wife get behind the wheel and have some fun....and the kids, well teach them how to drive it....I just don't know about letting them drive it very often. We are responsible for this particular situation taking place. We just need to take action.

I know I kind of deviated from the original topic but just wanted to give more perspective to the issue/question.

Don't sell your car. Keep it. Get your people to love it.
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