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Originally Posted by Shahul_BMW View Post

FYI, please see the link and you get the answer

BMW has itself understood that V8 or V10 is not going to do anything with Power, instead they are going to bring all their super fast cars with OUR OUR engine to get power more mpg and what more the reliability which they have been testing with our 535/335i already.. So who wins now..
Shahul, I think you're missing my point. The whole point of my post wasn't to tell people which car was better or which power-plant is better. There is never going to be a final answer to that because everyone's tastes are different. I was simply trying to boil down to a few short and relatively quick questions one can ask themselves when debating "do I want a 550i or a 535i?" The way that you answer those questions should likely pretty easily determine whether you should get the one or the other... Thats all.

I for example love my V-8 and I don't really mod cars any longer because my wife drives my car now and I found that in MY experience in the PAST that mods I made to my cars usually ended up making the car super fun, but more trouble, more things went wrong and more money ended up getting spent, usually for pretty marginal returns in HP and Torque. This is MY experience and it was in the past.

I do not have a N54 or N55 motor but as I said in another response, I have driven many of them, modded and not. They're great motors! They can be fast as hell and are real smooth and torquey across the band but especially at low rpm's! They can blow the doors off a stock 550i with upping the psi. Thats awesome. For my money and the way I drive and who I share my car with and my lack of wanting to do too many mods and for what its worth, my desire to keep a car somewhat close to what it was sent off the line to be, I like my 550i with a handful of little things done to it.

I don't disagree with what you're saying or with what the link says or that many BMWs are now force-fed, or that all M power plants are now force-fed or that more and more each year across all brands are, etc. etc. etc. I'm simply saying, and I'm not alone here, that I like BMW's NA V-8 over the twin turbo'd straight 6 in a close to stock car. Read the forums of M5 owners, I'll be the first to say the new M5 is SICK!!! But there are a lot of dudes out there with the past 2 generations' saying its a travesty to lower the displacement and put twin turbos on an M5. Read the M3 forums, people are sick that the new M3 will have turbos too and no longer be NA. Maybe 20 years from now we'll all eat our words but everyone is allowed their own opinion and thats really the whole point of the post.

People, make up your own minds and don't hate on people that have a differing view.
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