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Originally Posted by Sophisto View Post
Relax, I had the in car connetivity for a while.
Got all my emails in by BMW, in first in frst showed order.
What a laugh, no use at all, as is having e mail on your screen in the right order.
You will not use it quite a lot, while there is no interaction.
So stop the car and stick to the usability of you Galaxy.
Calm down, I hope this helps....
Funny, Sophisto... on my way home today I actually thought the very same... Unless iDrive was able to receive new emails by push and read them out loud instantenously - I concur, what is the point of having silly emails on the iDrive screen... I was dying to see it work but now I wonder myself: why? I got no clue...

Originally Posted by Jimmeh1988 View Post
How did you get SMS to work?
I did not do anything... upon pairing, the GS3 asked me three questions and I clicked OK to all:
- bmw is requesting access to contacts
- bmw is requesting accces to phone
- bmw is requesting access to messages

MORE NEWS though! this morning all of the sudden it has requested access to music (a new option appeared in the bluetooth settings menu on the iDrive)!!! Yeah! Maybe it had something to do with me discovering that grooveshark now works using HTML5 in a browser so I got free music + streamed with bluetooth to my car's speakers! AMAZING and SOOOO COOL! (my grooveshark playlists work too, plain miracle...)

Originally Posted by chuck92116 View Post
p.s. I would think twice before swapping an iPhone fo a Droid. The grass always seems greener on the other side.
Nope, it's my third day and iphone 4 and 5 seem like complete jokes now (mind you I've had the iPhone since ver 1 and loved it to death). iPhone 5 announcement was a complete shock and disappointment so I said screw it. The GS3 has a perfect size screen, super-responsive UI (they've all caught up with Apple I must say!) and the functionality of Android, albeit more complex as expected and not a surprise to me (I work in IT so what's the big deal), is exactly what I needed. Also, finally free from BS iTunes and App store with gestappo app approval style and complete lack of customization of the iOS (dumbed down operating system to cater to 3 year olds as well as old folks.)

In fact, all of my friends are now equally stunned and looking to swap to GS3 as well, they were quite impressed when I showed it to them. iPhone era is over if you ask me. I simply wonder if it has anything to do with Job's death or the competition simply did their homework at last (read: copied the best from Apple and then improved it and set it all free).

Originally Posted by miamiboyca View Post
Big time... And great commercial.

I find it interesting that the OP does not have it but knows its implemented poorly... Lol
I think you are confusing me with another poster. I do not remember making any negative comments about the iDrive in this thread. But yes, its functionality leaves a lot to be desired. My dream - let Google take over and write Automobile Operating System (AOS).

Speaking of the commercial, it kinda sucks but Send to Car is a really cool option - one I love the most about the iDrive. I use it a lot to get to many unknown destinations around my large metropolis on a frequent basis.
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