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Originally Posted by HotRodW View Post
I continue to negotiate a resolution on the paddle shifter issue. To this point, the dealer has maintained an intermediary position, and I have had no direct contact with BMW. The current offer on the table is a $500 credit for accessories. That's ideal for BMW because factoring in margins, the actual cost to them is likely pretty low. But BMW doesn't offer the full line of accessories here in the US, and the stuff I really want isn't available here. I have already purchased my winter wheels and tires, and I'm not the kind of guy to wear BMW jackets, hats and polo shirts. So I'm not sure where to go from here. I'm trying to relay that you really can't put a price on the satisfaction of using the paddles - an experience I've forever been denied. What can be quantified eventually is the lower resale value, but we have no idea if that will be $50 or $500 when it comes time to get rid of the car.

It seems to me BMW needs to come up with a standard resolution for all buyers. It's in their best interest to be proactive in resolving the issue before the situation causes more embarrassment. Plus, if some get a better deal than the others, that could lead to yet another round of complaints. And of course if somebody gets disgruntled enough, legal action is always a possibility. What a mess!
I am at fault for overlooking paddle shifters while ordering my base X1 but not getting them is the only decision I clearly regret on the car I ordered with iDrive and not much else. Chances are I wouldn't have used them much but the invoice price for folks having to order them separately was only $110 so I should have taken a flyer on them. My gut suspicion is paddle shifters are literally the only option that may actually increase in value. In terms of resale after 4 years, my guess they are worth $60 to $150 on most of the models but $100 to $200+ on the M Sport since those drivers are more likely to use them. Edmunds won't show those values but I'm talking about in the real world not some formula for depreciation on specific options that sometimes is wrong for a particular car.

Frankly, I think a fair offer from BMW would be $500 cash or they retrofit the paddle shifters. The $500 cash is enough from BMW that it would limit them having to do the retrofit. The buyers who were misled by BMW's documentation should have the option.

If BMW didn't offer free maintenance, a $500 credit to be used for dealership service would be more appealing.

If BMW accessories are priced anywhere near Mercedes accessories, then you are absolutely right to be skeptical of the value of $500 in accessories. If tires are included, you could buy two popular tires and sell them or store them but you shouldn't have to do that.
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