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Haha whoops, my mistake. The lack of sleep may be getting to me. Yes 1-3 quarts makes much more sense. Ill be needing to fill up in the next day or two, so i will do this then. For the time being, im going to see if i can get my hands on some relays and a fuel pump off eBay (unless you recommend another website). Also, a question to whoever might be able to answer it. My E34 has a keyless entry system, but i was wanting to update the clickers. Both of mine are old, square and pretty beat up. The circuit board inside is rather big and trying to fit it in to another type key/clicker would be hard if not impossible. Would anyone know how i would go about making replacement clickers work? I assume as long as i can get my new clickers to activate the relay that unlocks my car and disarms the alarm ill be fine, but i have no idea how to do that. I should be sleeping as i have work in a few hours, but since i finally have free time im going to read through the stickies and search for parts. Very glad i stumbled upon this forum.
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