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Configuring F30 to share with spouse advice sought

Hi folks, I am currently faced with the pleasant task of configuring an F30 that I will share with my wife. I enjoying driving for sport...the wife not so much. She is an able driver, just not inclined to push it. I would like to configure a car that we can both enjoy. I am presently leaning toward a Luxury Line, premium pkg, lighting pkg, premiun sound, heated front seats and the dynamic handling package. I am especially interested in thoghts concerning the addition of the dynamic handling package. I hope that with this addition I will have a car that will provide both a comfortable ride and at the touch of a button become a sporting machine that will be fun to toss around local back roads. Dealer choices in the area are limited. I have not found a car with this set up to test drive. My hope is that the adaptive suspension will accomplish this transformation. Having said that I am a little leery of the variable ratio steering. I have read comments that it can cause problems at speed as steering input may be met with an unexpected amount of lock. Has this been a general experience? If so is this someting that only occurs when going at a considerable clip or does it also occur in routine daily driving? I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Thanks for indulging me in reading this somewhat lengthy post. Marc.
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