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Originally Posted by tturedraider View Post
BJ, statements like this undermine any credibility you have when you are not being satirical.
I'm sorry, but I owned both cars, have you?

I'm getting a bit tired of the handful of E90 owners who think that by reading a few reviews and listening to each other speak that they know anything at all about the F30. You guys want to hold onto your used status-symbols and compete with hand-me-down school students for attention, that's cool. Go do it over in your forum. We don't need E90 owners sh-tting on our cars 24/7, acting like some idiotic GM product could spell doom for the 3 Series brand because they hold some grudge against BMW.

I get the fact that the E9X forum has been overrun by high school kids and their used car questions and that all the adults are over here now, but that doesn't mean we appreciate multiple threads on our board telling us how stupid we are for buying cars that are less than a few months old.

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