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Originally Posted by Jen4BMW View Post
Thanks Tango. I saw the Tire Rack ratings. I am no tire expert but I know on my Honda Accord nothing beat the Michelin MXV 4's which tops both the performance winter and extreme winter charts. Their just very expensive.

What I find with MN roads is that we're rarely driving on fresh loose snow. It's almost always tightly packed snow/ice left over from snow plows or were on wet cold salty roads. When it does snow its usually a few slippery inches of powder.

Any insight in how the OEM 19's on my Msport will do in the winter? Hate to soend $2500 right after dropping $55K in July on my X3. Would you hold off to see how the stock tires do or go performance snow or full on winter tires? If I went Michelin PA 2's I wonder if it would be worth the investment over the stock All Season 19 inch Goodyear LS 2's?? Everyone raves about the Blizzaks for pure winter traction but I wonder how smooth and quiet they are or if I'll bounce down the road. Of course DHP might help in this regard.


The LS/2s are going to turn into roller skate wheels pretty soon here. I was driving the other night when it was just over 40 degrees and they were already feeling a little greasy. By the survey and test results online they will certainly be a nightmare if we have a normal MSP winter. If we have one like last year though...

Just my two cents - I have settled on winter wheels in 18" (cheap alloys) through either tire rack or tiresbyweb depending on which tire we go decide to go with. We are five blocks outside of city proper so everything gets plowed immediately but we do drive quite a bit through SW minneapolis (ice hell) and like you, I'm on the fence as to which tire type will be best for us. We both telecommute so we don't ever HAVE to drive on bad days, and our second vehicle is a Jeep Cherokee that will go through anything. I'm leaning towards a performance winter tire. If I were a daily commuter, I think the Nokian Hakkapelitta R is the best choice, along with the X-ice Xi3, blizzak LMs, etc. Studless winter tires are just going to be a lot squirmier and squishier than a performance winter or A/S tire. If we have another mild winter or two, the performance oriented winters will look even better. If we get our butts kicked I'll be wishing I ordered Hakkas.

Here is my short list, in order of preference at this point. I'll order within the next few days, looks like we have some time yet.

Vredestein Wintrac4Extreme -- (225/55/18 or 235/50/18 they don't make our stock sizes)
Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4 -- (245/50/18)
Nokian Hakkapelitta R -- (245/50/18 non run-flat version)
Michelin Pilot Alpin PA2 ZP -- (245/50/18 only run-flat I'm considering)
Michelin X-ice Xi3 -- (235/50/18)
Blizzak LM-60 -- (235/50/18)

btw, I don't care for the LS/2 RFTs at all, so those are gone this winter and will be replaced with a proper non-RFT summer tire like Pilot Sports, P Zeros or Potenzas. Might also ditch the factory setup altogether and go with a staggered set.

As an aside, the Vredestein package will run $1900 balanced, mounted, TPMS installed and shipped on 18" alloys, and the Hakka Rs are right around $2k even. The Pilots on wheels come in around $2100. Blizzaks around $1700.

My main problem dropping to 17" or going with a mushier, grippier tire is that we have a solid 5-6 months where the average historical high temperature is below 45F and a lot of that time where the main roads are bone dry.

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