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Originally Posted by joyism5 View Post
Qsilver2: What year is your E38? Do you have the liquid cooled alternator? Does the positive cable comes together with the oil line? Do you have the nut that is holding the alternator cable covered by a plastic shield?
I think you had more than the oil spill over there. Maybe you had a dust/oil/moisture deposit there which made possible the short. This could also happen to the positive "junction" connection under the engine frame (pass side). There's attached to it.
I have a April 1998 build, non water cooled alternator (thank God though).

Based on what I saw after wards, the cabel was very very close to the oil line BUT I never saw or heard any spark when I was changing the filter as I should have if it was touching since the back of the alternator has constant full votage from the battery.

So I think the oil dribbled onto the alternator down the oil line, and when I started the car, the spark from the brushes touched off the oil.

Of course I am not sure and I want to learn. As it is I haven't been driving the car since I have a fear that it will happen again until I know the exact cause.

Do you mind posting a picture of the other junction box that you mentioned?

I'm going to go back in to that area this weekend and look at the cabling again.

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