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UPDATE: Day 2 at the dealer. They are still diagnosing the "iDrive" on the brand new 2013 BMW 335i that failed the first day of driving . I told them again I was very unhappy and wanted at a minimum a new iDrive, not a repaired iDrive, or a brand new car. I've lost confidence. I was told the techs are communicating with "BMW" about the iDrive problem and have not figured it out. The service rep ASKED me to call BMW of North America to help with the problem (I am not making this up), and that they could perhaps offer me "compensation". I called BMW of North America who opened my "case" and said it would be resolved in a week. I told her, "Ma'am, I am not picking the car up until the iDrive is replaced or the car is replaced and BMW corporate has resolved this problem in a way satisfactory to me." I do not have high confidence in them replacing the iDrive properly and that even working. I told the rep to inform the Service Manager and company president I wanted a replacement vehicle. I am now researching Florida laws about problem cars such as this. The minute I mentioned that to BMW of North America, they said "We cannot help you if you obtain legal counsel". Again, I am not making this up.
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