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Originally Posted by AntDX316
The car looks like a 2010 on the outside if the right parts were changed out.
Originally Posted by AntDX316
The looks on people's faces when they see I got a BMW.
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Originally Posted by omaralt View Post
Dude honestly, please shut the **** up now.. i'm really sick of you.. you've stated before that your a humble guy, now all you do is go around and talk about making people think you have a 2010 by changing some parts in random posts that are irrelevant. we get it and nobody cares.. most of us here are driving BMWs because we enjoy them and how they drive; and not because of how people perceive us.

in the beginning you were cute, then annoying. now your just a ****ing douche

I couldn't agree more. Why has Ant not been banned or excommunicated to a Honda Civic forum? He's still ranting and raving about all the mods he has done to his MOTHER'S car. I don't mean to hijack the thread, but come on, Ant never posts anything worth reading and his posts are the "forum equivalent" to the spam I get from the African prince of Mudhutzania wanting to bequeath me with his "millions of dollars US". Ant is a stereotypical, spoiled asian kid obsessed with how other people perceive him. Coincidentally, other people's perception of him directly coincides with his own self worth. SORRY-- I HAD TO VENT. I'll step down off my virtual soapbox now.

And yes, I know this is a reply to a 2010 post... it's still relevant!

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