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Originally Posted by usaret View Post
There was a study some time back about air filters:

All X3's already have cold air intakes.

So I would look elsewhere for HP gains. You might get something with a more free flowing muffler but I doubt you'll see it anywhere except at or close to redline. The 2007's have the N52B30 engine which is the base X5 engine and at 265 HP is pretty close to the "M" standard of 100 HP per liter. I honestly don't think this engine has much more performance available no matter what you do to it.
Agreed. I guess I should have posted that I was mainly looking for a better filter setup for this west texas dirt. Bc I understand that there will b no hp gains from that filter setup if it fit. And obviously the muffler would b for sound. Never once in the thread did I ask for more HP gains. I am aware of how to gain hp out of an engine.....also why I stated that it was the wifes car. Its already too much hp for her. If it were 2wd she would of wrecked it by now bc that little inline 6 has some balls.

Thanks for the input but I know how to make a vehicle go fast!!!!!

DUH you put stickers all over the bumper and back glass!!!! Dont you guys know anything. I think its like every square inch of sticker equals like 5 HP.
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