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Originally Posted by Zeichen311 View Post
The same is true for door frame seals and trunk seals. All spend a lot more time closed than open--even more so than the top. Given regular care, none of those collapse from spending more time crushed than expanded. The top seals should be no different: Opening the top periodically to lubricate/protect the seals should be more than sufficient to keep them from taking a "set."
Originally Posted by fun2drive View Post
BMW uses rubber gaskets not synthetic. Evenually they will shrink and there is nothing you can do about it but keep the seals plyable. I have had a number of BMW convertibles and each and every one will eventually leak from the front seal to the windshield from the rubber shrinking.
This can take a long time however and I think the sun beating down on the rubber accelerates that process because I have never replaced seals that were protected by the sun. I don't think keeping the top closed in the garage is going to hurt anything actually. Better to have the top down then in some popped up where the load on the hinges and hydraulics is there for however long you leave it in the garage...
Originally Posted by gpburdell View Post
@eastside328: there's a 2001 Chrysler Sebring convertible in my garage that leaks a little oil from the motor but not a drop of water through the top. It's been my wife's daily driver for the past eight years. I don't think there's much to worry about unless BMW is using inferior seals to Chrysler.
If I had to choose which part of the system to stress, it definitely would NOT be the hinges, cantilevered arms, and hydraulics that are the fundamental mechanics of the origami top. Putting a little stress on rubber seals that are designed to seal, but then keeping them as pliable as possible with regular feeding is to me a no brainer. If you have ever seriously studied the folding top in motion and then seen photos of it failing, it is evident that the 3.5 cm wide strut that connects the frontmost part of the top to the midsection is probably the most vulnerable to failure component. Every, and I mean every single time I actuate my top this is the area I am watching. Yes, I care about the seals and making sure they seal, but this I have some control over and they are a fixed part of the system. What makes the E93 top different from previous "ragtops" is that rigid exterior strut, and all the interior magnets that must be actively engaged for the electronics of the car to register as "all good". My fear in leaving the front most latches disengaged is that it would play havoc with the electronics of the rest of the car. We already know that not having the magnetic latches on the top support in the trunk sets off warnings. Turning off the car without the top fully engaged at its cowl connects just spells trouble.

Originally Posted by matreyia View Post
Wow...the world needs more people like you Kat. Thanks a million for the info. I just got myself a 328i Convertible for my birthday last week. And now, I made the decision to never buy any other car except for BMW for the rest of my life. It took only one day of driving to spoil me rotten...

Thanks Matreyia. Any time somebody benefits from the info here, it makes doing it all worth while.
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