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Originally Posted by Nick323 View Post
Markseven, before you get me more confused than a baby in a topless bar
Those are notorious for being stuck open or closed. You may want to source a new one or an aftermarket unit.
Are talking bout the H2O Thermostat or one in the Oil-cooler adapter circuit ?
On the Oil cooler adapter, what are the possibilities ?

I have a 323 without a Oil cooler and am looking on how to adapt this oil system to such.
The cooler itself is not the issue, but how does one plumb it to the lubrication system. On the ETK it looks like it is part of the Oil filter housing assembly, but I cannot go deeper than that...
Hey man, sorry, I was mistaken, the thermo is not serviceable. You need to get the whole oil filter housing. IIRC, the cooler reduces temps by 4, so it may not even be worth it... except for more oil capacity due to the cooler itself.
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