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Originally Posted by Jamesonsviggen View Post

I have Dyno'd both stock S52 and stock N20's now. I am not talking about paper. The S52 is a bit underrated, the N20 is even more so. I have not seen N52s make S52 numbers at dyno days I have been to.

I have freinds with 6mts and friends who are BMW techs. They drove my car and have had plenty of seat time in N52 manuals. Auto's are pokier of course.

But fact is there is about a full second 0-60 advantage between manual N52 and manual F30. That is huge, about twice the advantage of N20 vs N55.

You can't. For me, if I want that inline 6 sound(plus blower whine), I go to the other side of the garage. The other part of me has always loved small displacement FI. I had a stage 2 VW 2.0 TSI CC with a stick before getting the F30. I love the idea of a slightly more aggressive exhaust note without going overboard on this car. You can make a small 4 cylinder sound good without going overboard or sounding juvenile. I had a Borla on my CC, it sounded excellent.
Let me just say that the E36 M3 sedan is my favorite BMW of all times and it is certainly a lot more capable at the track then the E90 328 or the F30 328. However, if you look at the numbers it is nearly identical to the E90 128 and falls behind the N20. I know dynos vary due to many factors but most stock E36 M3's pull about 210hp 205 trq vs the N52's 200hp 190 trq and N20's 230 hp and 250 trq. Again these will vary depending on the vehicle and dyno type. These numbers are also reflected in the acceleration results:

6 speed 2009 328i
Curb weight: 3352
0-60 5.9 secs
0-100 16.1 secs
0-120 24.9 secs
1/4 mile 14.6 @ 96 mph

6 speed 2008 128i
Curb weight 3197
0-60 5.8 secs
0-100 15.7 secs
0-130 mph 31.4 secs
1/4 mile 14.5 @ 96 mph

6 speed F30 328i
Curb weight 3434
0-60 5.6 secs
0-100 14.3 secs
0-130 26.7 secs
1/4 mile 14.3 @ 100 mph

5 speed E36 M3 Coupe
Curb weight 3230
0-60 6.0 secs
0-100 16.0 secs
0-130 33.2 secs
1/4 mile 14.6 @ 95 mph

The 128 and 328 are nearly identical with the E36 M3. Look how much faster the F30 is, specifically the 1/4 mile trap speed which is a good indication of power.

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