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Originally Posted by O2Drift View Post
Very helpful discussion. I will line up a back to back comparison for my wife and myself with a Luxury Line and a Sport Line. I briefly drove a Sport Line on local streets and found the ride to be comfortable, definitely not jarring. Unfortunately a Luxury with adaptive suspension is not available to test. If we go with the Sport I will think carefully before checking the box for DHP. If Luxury seems the best choice (given a potential spousal compromise) I plan to add DHP. Thanks for the thoughtful discussion. Marc
Just to put your mind at further ease, the Luxury suspension is no slouch. I'm coming off 3 years in an E90 M-Sport, so I'm used to being able to take turns quickly with a sticky result and the Luxury suspension is only a hair less cooperative in sharp curves. I'd say we're talking about a 5-7% difference in handling here. It's fractional, not substantial.

Think about the realistic mix of roads and circumstances you'll be driving on and make your decision based on this. Mine looks something like this:

49% commuting to work in traffic on highway.
30% taking kids to/from travel sports programs on busy town roads.
20% straight-line highway cruising to summer home 4 hours north.
1% spirited driving on severely fun roads an enthusiast would appreciate.

Point being, in my case, that while it sounds cool to have Sport this and Sport+ that and Adaptive this and Damper that, in reality I just didn't find myself in enough circumstances to take advantage of the tightest BMW suspension. I allowed my reading of this forum to cloud my judgement and it put me in an M-Sport that was a miserable driving experience. Felt every pothole, blasted off every red light, took turns too quickly. Just made my wife and kids nauseous half the time, they never enjoyed taking a ride in dad's car as a result. The happiest automotive day of my life was August 7 when I got out of the E90 M-Sport and into the F30 Luxury.

If you're not going to find yourself on the track, doing autocross, or in a really rural area with unmonitored twisty back roads at least 20% of the time, the Luxury line is what you want. Plenty sporty, tons of fun for the 99% of the time you aren't in an enthusiastic situation. Don't dwell on the suspension to the point of missing out on the great options you'll use every day like the Lighting Package, Technology Package, Premium Package, etc.


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