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Originally Posted by GB View Post
You'll have to go all the way back to 1985 to find another BMW diesel model that was officially sold in the US--the e28 524td. and e28's in general are some of the best BMW's ever made but would definitely require more upkeep then a new VW diesel...

Do you drive a lot of miles every day? Factoring in the higher fuel cost for diesel and probably higher purchase price (compared to a gas model), an extra 10 mpg might not make much of a difference in terms of total cost of ownership. I know if I were 16 again I'd probably go for the BMW over the VW diesel...

Thank you very much, only 1500 made for the US!

As far as miles, it varies of curse. In a week, i plan on putting on probably 100+ miles from work, school, and estate sales,etc.
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