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You want to hear something bad about ML xenons...? I had a xenon-equipped 2011 ML350 4matic. The lights did not get hot enough to keep snow and ice from developing. I was driving back in a short distance in a lake-effect snow storm (wasn't that bad) and in 8 miles, my visibility dropped significantly. I've had at least 10 cars with xenons and didn't have this problem. The ML's headlight washers were ineffective. I buy VW/Audi concentrate which is good to -40 and it didn't help.

I think my 550 will be fine. Never had a problem with any of my BMW's and ice build-up on xenons. The 550 puts out so much heat I'm sure it'll melt just about anything that lands on the front end.

My two E's had MSRP's around 62K. Neither had leather but that inside air-quality was pretty bad. They have no wheres the cabin filtration of what BMW's offer.

The ride is horrible with the "AMG" package. I think the E is built solid. I think the tollerances are too tight, which makes the damn thing rattle like there's no tomorrow. I had no rattles in my F10 11 535 and none in my 12.

Also be aware, MB resale is horrible. I've broken a lot of leases to trade for cars. BMW has cost the least to get out of for a dealer trade while MB is murder.

Don't let the Benz fanbois talk you into MBTex. It isn't leather, and doesn't smell like leather. MB dealers like to not mention that their cars are vinyl. I think most buyers think it's leather. Well it sure the hell is not. A hot day will show you how bad the E class off-gasses. You'll need to clean the windows every 3 days from the build up. You don't see this in BMW.

And if you have any allergies or sensativites to plastics, this car can be your hell. My last E triggered some very serious reactions. Shortness of breath, watering eyes, extremely irritated sinuses. I told the allergy doc about the lack of cabin filtration and my reaction. He's a BMW driver and he asked me what I replaced the car with--it was an F10. Last check-up he was driving an F10 535xi.

If the Benz is cheap, there's a reason why. I've had 5 MB products since 2006 and I'm done.
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