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Originally Posted by falter View Post
Okay so I talked to the shop and I showed them what I had found out about this pulley. Just so we have the terms right, we are talking about the wheel-shaped thing with the teeth that has weights to balance the vibration of the engine (?) and the teeth are read by the crankshaft position sensor above.

What is happening right now is if the car is revved above 4000rpm, it almost dies, or does if you push the issue. The sensor that is in there now is one I got from ebay for around $80. The shop says it is throwing weird signals at 4000rpm.

They are saying this is caused by the wheel above or pulley, whatever the proper name is, 'bouncing around'. ie, it's not doing a nice clean spin, it is 'orbiting' a little horizontally.

They think the only real possibility is that this balancer or whatever it is is toast, a weight has come off, or something of that nature. What I'm worried about, given that it's a high mile and oft abused engine, is that it might be whatever that pulley/balancer is connected to. Or of course, that the shop doesn't know what they're talking about.

Does any of this make any sense? Getting the car to the city would be nice but would require a tow as the brakes and so on aren't safe enough. I just want to be sure I don't have a major engine problem in the making and waste a bunch of money fixing other things when a catastrophic failure might be imminent.
That makes little sense, your car would not really shut off if balancer in question was moving so much/missing teeth. And you would have loads of V-belt issues going on.

You can do the job your self, get the harmonic balancer from ebay and new bolts from bmw. It's a very easy job.

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