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Originally Posted by ard View Post

2. FORGET ABOUT CAMBER- IT IS "TOE" THAT USUALLY KILLS TIRES. People can 'see' the camber so their intuiton is 'tilt the tire and fix the wear. WRONG. The toe is causing the tire to wear.

3. The BMW warranty on alignmnt is only 2000 miles. However, if you get it to the dealer quickly they MIGHT make an exception. The problem is they will gouge you on the alignment up front, say "we'll see what BMW says", and then come back and say 'you're screwed, pays us $300...and about that tire wear, tough"

4. Go to a tire store, get a $99 alignment done.

5. My prediction? Excessive Toe In. You want it 0.01-0.03"

Report back


PS There will be many inane posts to follow- about how 20" tires wear faster or about 'you've got to pay to play' (truly moronic)...until you check your alignment, anything else is pointless....
Thank you Ard,
I'll see if I can get in later this week and I will report back. Appreciate your response.
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