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Replacing Front Turn Signal Bulb

There are at least two versions for the late '99 production: one that requires pushing down on a tab and one that requires levering a screwdriver away from you to push the lens out, so do NOT push down on anything to release the lens until you're certain which version you have. The owners manual is basically useless, as it simply says "release the lever" but doesn't tell you how. I can only describe my version: Looking through the oval hole, the first thing you'll see is a black flat piece of plastic. Do NOT push down on this or the silver-colored prong sticking out from it. Look a bit deeper and you'll notice a white tab, no more than 3" deep, so you don't need a long screwdriver. You just need to get the screwdriver behind the tab and push it away from you, thus causing the end of the screwdriver to push the lens out. It doesn't take a lot of force, so if it's not budging, you're behind the wrong tab. After it pops out, simply turn the receptacle and then the bulb to replace it. To reinstall, line up the prongs into the slots and push in until it clicks. (With all due respect, if you're giving advice, first be sure that it's correct).

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