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Question 325e with no Sparky

So i got this 1986 325e given to me by my neighbour. He says it ran fine for years but they parked it one time for six months and then it wouldn't start,it cranks fine. I did some poking around and found that the coil is not making has power but obviously the ground circuit that controls the spark is not doing it's job because when i apply a ground to the coil manually and then remove it makes spark.
Question: Is the ECU the only thing that controls the ground to the coil or is there another relay? My Haines wiring diagram isn't very good but it does show a "Speed Control Relay" as part of the timing circuit .....where is this relay?

Also, this model has two Crankshaft sensors located on the bellhousing whose resistance i have checked and found to be 1050 Ohms on both and infinite to ground. I have been trying to take them out to have a look at and maybe even replace but I`m having a bugger of a time getting them out. Remove allen key and pull...right??.....wrong!! They're pretty stuck.

Any help would be appreciated.
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